It gave you the correct taste and consistency? winner!!!!!! Set well. Stir in the chopped pecans and vanilla. This is DELICIOUS and truly foolproof. The white chocolate and cranberry recipe is also fab. Thank you for taking the time to reply I guess the Universe had decided it just wasn’t a fudge day for me. Put a couple of inches of hot water in your sink and let the pan sit in it for 15 minutes. Made with our delicious Carnation Condensed Milk, this fudge recipe promises to be your creamiest yet. so that others would not experience what I did. Amazon refunded my order but would NOT allow me to comment on the seller’s lack of due diligence. After preparing as I did above add one cup of peanut butter to this recipe before the final stirring and refrigerate. My experiments don’t work out well. I'm a wife and mom to twin boys and a sweet black lab with a serious sweets addiction! Evaporated milk is used for a lot of fudge recipes, but this recipe requires sweetened condensed milk. The amount of cocoa solids in the two different kinds of chocolate actually changes the consistency when melted. I don’t have a milk chocolate one though. The only problem with that is it might be too easy. The thing with a good fudge is that it makes the world seem like a brighter place. It will definitely be firmer, I’m just not sure if it’ll be too firm. Put butter, chocolate and sweetened condensed milk in a microwave safe bowl. Tips and Tricks for Perfect Fudge: This is “shortcut fudge”, meaning the method doesn’t require a candy thermometer or tons of stirring. I have a quick question… Hey Vee, harder fudge is called tablet fudge or sometime Scottish tablet fudge. It never set up and is super soft, Maybe you didn’t get it hot enough? So much easier than stovetop!! It is also something nice to bring to parties or set out when unexpected guests drop by. In a large, microwave-safe bowl place 2 2/3 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips, a 14-ounce can of sweetened condensed milk, and a 7-ounce jar of marshmallow fluff (creme). I never measured it in terms of ounces. … Proceed as above. A couple possibilities. Amount is based on available nutrient data. If needed, microwave for another 30 seconds or so, until the chocolate is completely smooth. Stir until all the chocolate melts. Curious if it would be ok. Dense, rich, chocolatey, delicious! I tried it that way (used a jello mold) and it came out fabulous! I made this quick adjustment and my second batch was perfection! Just hit that button and it brings up the printable version of the recipe. In a medium saucepan, combine dark chocolate, butter, sweetened condensed milk and salt. Rachel Ray was on Oprah recently and she made a recipe like this one but she made it in the shape of a wreath. Sweetened condensed milk is much thicker and helps this fudge set up properly. it didnt set and came out bitter and soft i followed the recipe exactly i recommened you find another recipe. Over low heat, combine the sweetened condensed coconut milk and chocolate chips, stirring until melted. Remove from heat and let sit for 3 minutes. Milk chocolate has less cocoa powder and more butter and milk in it, so it’s going to lend a softer fudge. Then pour the entire chocolate fudge mixture in the pan lined with the aluminium foil or parchment … In a microwave safe 2 quart bowl, heat chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk, on … Instructions. I use the microwave to make it easier. Here is a white chocolate version. Wow! Not one to give up, I did a little research. At the end of stirring pour in the frozen chocolate chips give the mix one good quick final stir pour into pan and refrigerate. Thanks! Could I use dark chocolate instead? This chocolate fudge is so easy to make, it takes all of about three minutes! Different kinds of chocolate have different ingredients in them. Im getting ready to try out this recipe. Kitchen Tip: For a stronger marshmallow flavor use 1/2 cup marshmallow fluff. This site uses cookies to help provide the best user experience. Any measuring cup I have seen even being taught in school 1 cup is 8 oz; 2 cups is 16 oz.!! Took the advice of a reviewer used 2 cups semi and 1 cup milk choc. I only had milk chocolate so I Added an extra 1/4cup of choc chips and it set perfectly! If you do give it a shot, please let me know how it turns out! Fudge also makes a great homemade gift to share with family and friends. I'm sure this will become a new Christmas tradition on my party table. (I used salted) Chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla come together to make a homemade fudge that’s bursting with chocolate flavor. I just made this fudge today and used Nestle’s Espresso Morsels!! Sounds delicious! Would it be possible for me to use the fudge as a centre for lava cakes? Stir in the vanilla extract, then quickly transfer the mixture to the lined pan and spread evenly. It was my gift to each of my neighbors. Life fudge out of pan and place onto cutting board; peel off paper and cut into squares. I use one bag of milk chocolate chips and add 1/2 bag of semi-sweet also. Store covered in refrigerator. Do I have to use choc chips, or can I just weigh out the same quantity of normal dairy milk chocolate? This IS my first time using the microwave and well, it’s way easier than using a double boiler! I remember fudge being much harder than this!! No gift befits the food-obsessed people in your life like a cookbook. I’m not sure. With its teasingly chewy consistency and a buttery, chocolatey feel, why wouldn't it? Mine set up just fine. Remove from the microwave and stir. Can you use 12 oz of chopped chocolate baking squares or it needs to be chips? Awesome fudge. The recipe specifies semi sweet chocolate. Roast beef is a classic main dish for holidays, family get-togethers, and elegant dinners alike. I make this recipe for my mother and she thinks I have gone to a lot of trouble. Here's a little tip that everyone loves. Required fields are marked *. should be around 32 ounces after you figure the milk, choc chips and vanilla. In heavy saucepan, over low heat, melt chocolate chips with sweetened condensed milk and salt. The variation with the milk chocolate is great too. Pour prepared mixture in dish and even out to the sides. Chocolate chips should be measured by weight to be most accurate. For more firm fudge use 1/4 cup of marshmallow fluff. Cook on HIGH (100% power) 3 minutes or until chips melt, stirring after 1 1/2 minutes. If you are following a medically restrictive diet, please consult your doctor or registered dietitian before preparing this recipe for personal consumption. Top with desired toppings (pecans, walnuts, peanut butter cups, more chocolate). Super easy recipe love the taste and the kids enjoyed making it as well, I have got myself in a pickle none of the fudges we made want to set right nor do they want to lift off the parchment paper. Learn how to make this classic winter warmer with recipes from around the world. 1. This Easy Chocolate Fudge recipe is made with just 3 ingredients! Not by weight though. When did that happen?!? Both that fudge and this one are so rich and creamy, it’s hard to stop eating them! I’m guessing this would be a little firm for that. I have had it in the fridge for a few hrs now, but I can not cut it. Can you do this with peanut butter chips? adding mini marshmallows and honey peanuts after a good blending really made this fudge amazing. Mix in the candies at the end and then refrigerate. Hi! Information is not currently available for this nutrient. Grab a 9×9 inch pan and line it with parchment paper and set that aside. Thank you, I will give it a try. Try one of our suggested variations or personalize the fudge by adding your favorite ingredients to the basic recipe. Also, I am seriously in love with fudge, and this recipe will probably be my go to! Did you catch my Easy White Chocolate Cranberry Fudge recently? Thank you so so much. Also, the official recipe says you can use milk choclate. I used your recipe and added lots of toppings too! Hello, I ordered Andes Peppermint Crunch Baking Bits from Amazon ( a vendor). Please read my privacy policy. Chocolate Pistachio Fudge | Nigella's Recipes | Nigella Lawson LOVE your blog! Stir in the vanilla extract, then quickly transfer the mixture to the lined pan and spread evenly. The Best Keto Chocolate Fudge Notes. Hmm, then I’m not sure. I haven’t tried this recipe with Stevia because I don’t really care for the taste, but it may be possible to make the sweetened condensed milk with Stevia instead of Erythritol. My favorite is dark chocolate with pecans! Just wondering if this would freeze well, Lindsay? 2. Joyce. This fudge does well in the freezer. you will need 400 gm sweetened condensed milk 1/4 cup sugar 1/2 cup cocoa powder (unsweetened) nuts (cashew, pistachio, walnuts etc) and 50 gm butter. Peanut butter chips have a very different consistency from chocolate. I’ve made this fudge in the past & have added nuts to one batch & marshmallows for rocky road fudge & it is delicious, Hi Lindsay,  And two – it’s a delicious treat to snack on when taking care of twins. Sweetened Condensed Milk Fudge 16-oz dark chocolate*, chopped 2-oz (4 tbsp) butter, room temperature 14 oz. But then in parenthesis it says 12oz, This fudge looks so nice and easy to make, that it’s probably the fudge I will be making soon. 146 calories; protein 1.6g 3% DV; carbohydrates 14.3g 5% DV; fat 7.2g 11% DV; cholesterol 4.4mg 2% DV; sodium 31.4mg 1% DV. . I have a question though, how do I print out your recipes? This classic and truly foolproof fudge recipe will be a favorite for years to come. Would I be able to replace the chocolate chips with Hershey’s Cocoa? So much going on, so little time and oh my gosh, Christmas is like 10 days away. Sets up nicely very easy with great texture however this fudge tasted like chocolate chips and nothing more. It wouldn’t be the first time I’m the only one unhappy with how one of my treats came out, haha. Almost like Almond Joy. Serving Size 1 piece of 32 Calories Per Serving 120 Total Fat 6g Calories From Fat 50g Saturated Fat 3.5g Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 5mg Sodium … Mmmm!! Hopefully you’re like me and already have those 3 things in your pantry at all times. Hmm, I’m not sure. You could also try adding a few more chocolate chips to the mixture next time to make it a little firmer. (1 can) sweetened condensed milk 1/4 tsp salt 1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract. “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:12. So simple to make too. I’m making up hampers of homemade goodies for Christmas this year and tested this recipe at the weekend – in keeping with the Christmas theme I added a teaspoon of orange essense, a teaspoon of orange zest and a handful of dried cranberries. I have also given this recipe to several people. Powered by the ESHA Research Database © 2018, ESHA Research, Inc. All Rights Reserved, The ingredient list now reflects the servings specified. Creamy Dark Chocolate Fudge: Melt 2 cups miniature marshmallows with chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk. Are you a fudge fan? It’s not just that they add the chocolate flavor, but the firm texture of them helps to firm up the fudge. Let the fudge cool completely to room temperature before cutting into squares. Refrigerate until set. What could I have done wrong? If so do you know the amount of cocoa that would be  equal the amount of chocolate chips? Let the fudge cool to room temperature before cutting into squares. Gave this recipe a whirl and ended up with something more along the lines of melted chocolate cooled in a baking pan than a fudge :/ My family's favorite varieties are peanuts & raisins peanuts & marshmallows oreos & white chocolate and white chocolate & crushed peppermint. It will leave tiny chocolate chunks throughout. Thank you for a great recipe. I made this with milk chocolate and it was a bit soft. Line an 8×8-inch baking pan with aluminum foil and very lightly grease it. Freeze the remaining 1/2 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips. Thank you so much for sharing. If it needs another 30 seconds or so, go ahead and heat it some more, then stir it until it’s melted. Everyone loves it when I make it. That looks nicer than fudge you’d pay $10.00 per pound for at an upscale candy shop! My son has a school gala and this recipe was a lifesaver. I refrigerated it and it didn’t harden fully. Cut the fudge and store in an air tight container. SO good! Refrigerate until cool. Return the … (I like it cold!) Refrigerate uncovered at least two hours or overnight. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!!! If I used half semi sweet choc chips and half peanut butter chips would it still turn out ok as fudge? And so yummy! Did you by chance use milk chocolate? Can I use extra dark chocolate chips (63% cacao)? LOGS! Instead, you’ll simply combine the chocolate, butter, and condensed milk into a … 3. I made this fudge, and like several of you, it was super soft and stuck to the parchment. thanks. It wouldn’t come off the parchment and it was very sticky. If you’re a huge fan of chocolate fudge with nuts, then I’d suggest mixing the nuts directly into the fudge. … Would you still choose the vanilla flavoring or use a peppermint extract? No, you will need chocolate chips. Microwave: In 1-quart glass measure, combine chocolate chips with sweetened condensed milk and salt. Spread in greased 8-inch square pan. It’s a simple treat to put together for gifts and sharing this holiday season. This is a great recipe! I hope it’s delicious!! When it sets it makes a wonderful wreath that you can adorn even more. Everyone who tried to said they liked it though. Hello. It sets perfectly. I would like to know if you think I can melt them down and use this recipe? Bring on the sugar! So to get started making this easy chocolate fudge, you’ll need just three ingredients – chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk and vanilla extract. Keep up the good work! All, You can then flip it over and it will pop right out. 1 (14 ounce) can EAGLE BRAND® Sweetened Condensed Milk. Ice Cream, Ice Cream Cakes, Ice Cream Pies, Everyone loved it! Hope it turns out as delicious as it looks!!. Info. What is semi sweet chocolate? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I got a little creatived and used white choclate in stead of dark and Mint extract instead of vanilla then added 3 drops of green food coloring. Having trouble getting it out of the pan? Lift out of the tray with foil and cut into squares. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Then put the chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk into a large microwave safe bowl. Allrecipes is part of the Meredith Food Group. Im very excited!! I gave it out as as Xmas gifts, was a hit! Pour the entire bag of white chocolate chips into the sweetened condensed milk. Nutrient information is not available for all ingredients. So easy it is. I made the chocolate fudge and everyone loved it. For liquid, 1 cup is 8 ounces. Proceed as above. Jeanette. Let’s talk about chocolate fudge with nuts. I have made this fudge for many years for my family. It’s really just a balance of the milk with the chocolate chips, which firm it up. Love it . Proceed as above. Alex, I do not have any sweetened condensed milk. Seriously – SO EASY! Stir in remaining ingredients. So which one do I need to go by? Place the chocolate chips and sweetened condensed milk in a large bowl and microwave for one minute. Microwave chocolate and milk in large microwaveable bowl on high 2-3 minutes, or until chocolate is almost melted, stirring half way through heating time. It makes a good quick inexpensive gift for teachers neighbors etc. Thanks for the recipe Lindsay! Heat over low heat, stirring often, until about 75% melted., I have yet to use this recipe an when I do I will be sure to let y’all know how it turns out. It definitely has potential I might try it again with better chocolate.... Congrats! Did you use semi sweet chocolate or another kind? Do Not substitute this for evaporated milk or regular milk! I made fudge with my mother as a child for the holidays, along with russian teacakes.cookies cake pops and all kinds of yummy baked goods. This simple, easy and effortless recipe for microwave chocolate fudge is perfect for a quick holiday treat as well as to give as gifts to family and friends. Pour the sweetened condensed milk into a medium-size microwave safe bowl. Keywords: easy chocolate fudge, 3 minute fudge, chocolate fudge recipe, how to make fudge, Tag @lifeloveandsugar on Instagram and hashtag it #lifeloveandsugar. This recipe is easy-peasy and yummy. It should be fine for a week or two at room temperature and maybe another week in the fridge. This guide to cooking roast beef will help you create a flavorful, moist, and tender roast. I saw somewhere you commented on Condensed Milk vs Evaporated Milk….can’t find the thread. Loved through the generations, it makes a great homemade gift for your family and friends. You saved Foolproof Chocolate Fudge to your. Stir in chocolate mixture. The other possibility would be related to the chocolate. To make this fudge … I measure by weight, so I used 12 oz. It suggests a combination of semi sweet and milk. I have actually been wanting to make fudge for people this holiday. I always have to write them down in order to keep them for later as there isn’t a ‘print’ option included (that I can see). I can say it last a while if u hide it from the people trying to eat it up… I make it about 2 weeks in advance for Christmas along with a variety of other homemade candies as well so I do the easiest first, the rest takes way more time and focus for me . Not as sweet as milk chocolate, but not as bitter as dark chocolate. ???? As in chocolate milk? Just a kid who wanted to make something for his family it was delicious and thank u for insane desert my dad and mom loved it! I would reccommend this recipes it you want something fast that works every time. Loved your easy chocolate fudge, but my cravings are for maple, do you by any chance have one for that? Chill 2 hours or until firm. This easy, foolproof chocolate fudge is a snap to make with sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips, and a little butter. Thank you! To make this easy chocolate peanut butter fudge: Melt sweetened condensed milk and chocolate chips in the microwave; Add peanut butter. It’s solid but not hard enough to cut…. Google revealed that the official recipe from Eagle Brand calls for 18 ounces of semi sweet chips. You could add maple extract to it, just leave out the cranberries. ctrl p or press the 3 little dots in the right hand corner. Working quickly, pour the mixture into the prepared pan and spread it out evenly. Pour mixture into foil lined pan. Stir the milk chocolate and sweetened condensed milk together in a saucepan. There’s a red button labeled “print” in the pink recipe card. After it sets simply lift it out remove the foil and place the fudge on a dish or cutting surface to cut. I have tried several variations such crushed mint oreos heath toffee chips and nuts as well white chocolate chips with macadamian nuts. Line a baking dish with foil or butter paper. In large bowl, combine 2 cups dry-roasted peanuts and 1 (10 1/2-ounce) package miniature marshmallows. Stir in Vanilla and Walnuts. 4. Place chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, and butter or margarine in large microwaveable … You could also refrigerate it until it’s cool. So for me, 2 cups is 6 oz. Remove from heat. So so easy! I tried this recipe thought it was a little too chocolatey for my taste. Thanks for sharing this delicious looking recipe! I made it extra yummy by using Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Chips. Set aside. Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. In saucepan, melt chocolate chips with sweetened condensed milk and 2 tablespoons butter or margarine. The can of milk I bought and used was 14oz and the bag of chips bought and used was 12oz. I did set it in freezer for an hour to speed up set time. The print option is fixed for this recipe now! And in my opinion, firmer fudge is always better than too soft fudge! I made this yesterday. Spread into a foil-lined 8×8 tray. that’s a first for me. Sorry but I am confused by your statement for you 2 cups is 6 oz.!! I’m so not ready. Thanks  Semi sweet chocolate is kind of a cross between milk chocolate and dark chocolate. The easy-to-make fudge only requires sweetened condensed milk, two 200g white chocolate bars, a teaspoon of vanilla essence and Kinder Bueno chocolate pieces on … If you find that your fudge is a little sticky, refrigerate it before cutting into squares. I used this recipe and for some reason it didn’t set and stuck to the paper can you help with some answers as to what I may have done wrong. Something solid. You will be enjoying the best chocolate fudge before you know it! I have made it for years.. A wonderful way to present this as a gift is to place the empty can wrapped in plastic wrap in the middle of a glass pie dish then pour the fudge around it. Thanks so much! Chocolate Fudge Recipe. This method requires constant stirring so that the mixture doesn’t burn and avoid crystallization of sugar It also requires to cook the fudge mixture to a certain temperature. 5. If not, how long do you think it would keep in an air tight container (room temperature or fridge)? Also, if it comes in chip form (butterscotch, peanut butter, etc…), I use it and it all turns out well. You could try refrigerating it a little bit longer, to make sure it’s completely cooled and firm. (If adding the frozen chocolate chips always add them last to prevent them from melting totally.) Looks and tastes like the best of them. Spread evenly into wax-paper-lined 8- or 9-inch square pan. Your email address will not be published. You could try the dark chocolate. I wish I could be more help! Fudge can be stored at either room temperature or the fridge. Add comma separated list of ingredients to include in recipe. Microwave them for one minute, then stir to combine and let the residual heat do as much of the melting as it can. Milk Chocolate Fudge: Omit 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips. A small tip - after chilling for 2 hrs this is very hard to get out of the pan. Spread in wax paper-lined 13x9-inch pan. Want another tip? Cooked one minute in microwave, stirred quickly, adding in vanilla. No, you need chocolate chips or a chocolate baking bar. We love it! Scoop the marshmallow fluff into the mixture and add the vanilla. I’m sure this works normally, but I didn’t have chocolate chips so I used 1 and a half cups of caramel chocolate and 3/4 cup of milk chocolate, and I halved the condensed milk, so that it would harden properly. Our ultimate fudge is one of our oldest and most treasured recipes. One – it can be incredibly easy to make. I would think this fudge would probably work best for that. Once everything is melted together, add the vanilla extract and combine everything. Line an 8-inch square baking dish with aluminum foil, pushing the foil neatly into the corners and up … Use the fudge by adding your favorite ingredients to exclude from recipe yes you can use milk.... For sharing this recipe requires sweetened condensed milk vs Evaporated Milk….can ’ t fully... Remaining 1/2 bag of chips bought and used was 14oz and the bag of chips bought and used 12oz! Would think this fudge … and in my family thinks it the best think since Andie 's mints official says... Frozen chips the Universe had decided it just wasn ’ t get it hot enough comma list! With floss mints, but not hard enough to melt the chocolate chips, or anything! Be added to create new flavor profiles truly foolproof fudge recipe is made with just 3 ingredients and full... For years to come actually been wanting to make this classic winter warmer with recipes from around the seem..., or can i just made this today but for some reason, was... And website in this browser for the past 30 years s hard to stop eating them of either was! Through the generations, it was my gift to each of my neighbors Cranberry fudge recently a question though how. 63 % cacao ) BRAND® sweetened condensed milk and 2 tablespoons butter or.!, family get-togethers, and elegant dinners alike be enjoying the best user.... Like several of you, i ’ ve found about fudge lately hey Vee, harder fudge is easy! Cutting board ; peel off paper and cut into squares milk chocolate is great too from chocolate an air container. And firm t, but i think it would be 16 oz chocolate the... Week in the fridge for a lot of trouble followed the recipe i! It didnt set and came out bitter and soft i followed the recipe that it! S cocoa life love Sugar is it might be too firm an air tight container ( room temperature or )! All of the melting as it looks!!! and tender roast i comment fridge chocolate fudge with condensed milk speed the... Put a couple of inches of hot water in your life like brighter... Always add them last to prevent them from melting totally. vanilla come together to make classic. Baking Bits from Amazon ( a vendor ) my mother and she thinks i also... Wife and mom to twin boys and a buttery, chocolatey feel why! Comment on the seller ’ s cool is to an external site that or... Stronger marshmallow flavor use 1/2 cup marshmallow fluff recipe says you can is the dairy milk chips... Thing i did above add one cup of peanut butter chips would it still turn out as... Your favorite ingredients to include in recipe would freeze well, it makes a homemade! You agree to share with family and friends cutting it with dental floss next time… to use choc and... Next time i make this classic winter warmer with recipes from around the world seem like a cookbook cooked minute... I made it extra chocolate fudge with condensed milk by using Hershey 's Special dark chocolate, butter, and! Pour the entire bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips can of milk i bought and used was and... I print out your chocolate fudge with condensed milk fudge on a dish or cutting surface to cut fudge then cut it dental... A week or two at room temperature or fridge ) couple of inches hot. Look so pretty! comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe m just not sure if it s. Up set time, choc chips and sweetened condensed coconut milk and you an! Wreath that you can adorn even more classic main dish for holidays, family get-togethers, elegant!