Wetlands. At midpoint along the lake, a trail to Grinnell Glacier turns and climbs to the west. This trail is also a very popular mountain bike trail; keep an eye out for them. The trail winds along the mountainside past a small lake to the left. The trail has a short spur to the lake, and your first amazing view of the lake. The main trail and the trail from the Lake Josephine boat dock join up at the far end (the western end) of Lake Josephine. You’ll approach the beginning of the uphill portion of the trail from the east, then, instead of the west. The last 5 miles on Highway 61 between Mount Josephine and the border are 5 of the most gorgeous miles anywhere. Stay on roads and avoid active farming operations. Parking/Restroom. (Trail Difficulty - … After Swiftcurrent Lake, you hike past Lake Josephine and finally Grinnell Lake. This route is designated non-motorized. This image of the trail along the lakeshore with the mountains and glaciers in the background was taken in Glacier National Park, Montana. Lake Josephine is used primarily to impound water for use by the plant. This picturesque horseback ride takes you down the first few miles of the Piegan Trail. national park, lake josephine, trail, mountains, lake… Trail hours: 7hrs. Starting elevation is 5676' and the lake elevation is 5800'. The lower trailhead is a little nondescript pull-out along a long, rough FSR in the middle of nowhere. Royalty-Free Stock Photo. Choose a different trail for the hike back to Many Glacier Hotel. Near Swiftcurrent, Montana. Lake Josephine is located in the Many Glacier Area of Glacier National Park. Overview: Josephine Canyon Trail #133 is a relatively lesser traveled trail down the large, lush southern namesake canyon leading away from Josephine Saddle. The Josephine Lake Trail is 0.7 miles long. Additionally, an easy hike up to Grinnell Lake, which is fishless, can also be done from Lake Josephine. South Shore Josephine Lake is a 3,077 m green singletrack trail located near Whitefish Montana. You can continue up the ridge past Grinnell Lake and join up with the Piegan Pass trail and view the beautiful Feather Plume Falls. There are good views of some glaciers from there. At midpoint along the lake, a trail to Grinnell Glacier turns and climbs to the west. This is where the climbing begins and the views really start to get good. The Grinnell Glacier Trail also parallels the lake on its way up to the beautiful Grinnell Glacier. Trail and Lake Josephine. The upper trailhead is much more accessible, though it does require a hike to Josephine Saddle just to reach. From the parking lot just east of the Steven Pass ski area, hike south on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) gaining 1,190 feet in 2.2 miles to reach the saddle between Cowboy and Big Chief mountains. Two lakes near the end of the road in the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park provide an easy, scenic hike. Keep your eyes peeled for trickling waterfalls and … Josephine Lake is an emerald stunner. Both routes around Lake Josephine are similar in length. Transit Stop. Lake Josephine to Grinnell Glacier. Outside the campground there is a horse use area. Ramsey County Park Municipal Park. Lake Josephine– Beaver Pond Loop: Riverfront Park is a hiking adventure located in or near Billings, WY. Josephine Lake sits at the head of Icicle Creek Valley, its sparkling blue waters an invitation to hikers looking for a place to stop for lunch or camp for the night. Legend. Josephine Lake I had hoped everyone else would be out looking for larches but apparently not! Fishing: Pier/Shore Cary-in. It starts either with a 0.8 mile walk from the Many Glacier Hotel around Swiftcurrent Lake, or with a boat ride on Swiftcurrent Lake. 250 FT 500 FT. N. ve. Along the way, you will pass a … Josephine Lake Trail BCM Course Area Guide Base Camp Colorado Rocky Mountain School Base Camp BCM Denver Office ... the trail passes 60 foot Booth Creek Falls. The north-shore portions of these two trails also carry foot traffic on the excellent Grinnell Glacier Trail. Alpine lake josephine on the grinnell glacier trail in glacier national park - download this royalty free Stock Photo in seconds. Paved Park Trail Other Paved Trail. The trail, once again enters the trees into a nice, airy forest and loosely follows the lake's shore with intermittent views of the lake. Lake Josephine Trail is accessed by a paved footpath from the upper Swiftcurrent boat dock and runs west to the foot of Lake Josephine where it continues around the north shore of the lake as a dirt trail. The loop can be done in either direction. In another 0.5 miles, the trail passes Lake Susan Jane, then continues to an overlook of Josephine Lake. lake josephine is a little lake just west of swift currant lake.....if your at Many Glaicer hotel there are 2 ways to get there #1 take a hike from amny glacier just take the trail around the lake #2 take a boat ride and get off and walk a 5 minutes to alke josephine....JUST SIT ON A ROCK AND ENJOY THE VIEW<<