Can Monday come sooner? Vali May 06 2018 8:36 am Hoe kun je groeien met een klein YouTube kanaal met weinig subs en weinig views 2018. I like that one. SJ - Iple 8 - The Day We Made Miracle Part 2 {TH-SUB} View. Tataellah2 Apr 28 2018 9:22 am He becomes the head of two families and he agonizes over his two different wives. The other wife should marry the new guy. hope kim hyun joo doesn't end with her new ceo stalker that keeps following her. I do hope they get their deserving awards. Angel Apr 25 2018 8:13 am bunny May 23 2018 12:27 pm Loved this drama. Arihant Apr 15 2018 12:39 pm It's like basically cheating on his wife with a more younger prettier woman. (OK, I lied: I still get disappointed.). I know Song Hyun Cheol B is a nice guy, but his weakling personality is starting to get so annoying. Ato, who foresaw the incident, cuts the bullet in half before it even reaches the couple. If ever anyone want a second chance in life, correcting your wrongs in your previous life n be a better person, this is the drama to watch. The cast of “The Miracle We Met” shared their thoughts after the drama’s recent successful conclusion. He becomes the head of two families and he agonizes over his two different wives. Russ May 21 2018 5:10 pm I don't understand why some viewers say he's only just the chef when the series has clearly shown that the SHC who came back alive was a different person from the banker and the chef as he has retained the memories and personalities of both. It's a flawless mixture of romance (unhappy vs. happy marriage), of slap stick comedy (the awakening in another body), and of mystery (the car accident, the fake loan). .. ○_○. Ala Drakor, 3 Masakan Korea Ini Bisa … Vatican actresses. I will also look forward to Kim Myungmin's future works. And finally watching this drama for the fourth time, and being so sad and crying at the same sad scenes. The first script reading took place on February 12, 2018 at KBS Annex Building. Title: 우리가 만난 기적 / The Miracle We Met. What is name of music that real Song Hyun-Cheol B loves so much? I've pretty much questioned my morals and values in some episodes as I found myself being a Team Hye Jin but good thing the writing has made it easier for me to realize that the third HC's love for her has been rooted from the love that the banker HC had for her that was just masked by his indifference towards her. Neutralisment May 30 2018 10:03 am Even though this drama adopts fantasy as a theme on the first few episodes, it slowly developed into Romance-Comedy, while still maintaining a slightly dark tone for the remaining episodes. It was definitely a bumpy ride before the finale but I wouldn't have it any other way. Miracle That We Met (2018) - Full Cast & Crew - MyDramaList But now what? He becomes the head of two families and he agonizes over his two different wives. Fighting kai oppa!! And to all of you who say that it was Yeon-hwa's fault for not recognising and acknowledging Hyeon-cheol B in Hyeon-cheol A's body earlier, I also agree with you, and I urge all of you to hold on even more tightly to your own partners. query2page(W4GRB.query_url[1],"w4g_rb_area-1",2,1); I really dont know how I want the drama to end up, whether he should be back with the country wife again or start anew with the pretty wife. Dia menjadi kepala dua family dan menderita atas dua istrinya yang berbeda The Miracle We Met Subtitle Indonesia Synopsis Miracle That We Met. The ending is very unexpected. Also, if hyunchul not ending up with hyejin, i think hes gonna die. SJ - Iple 8 - The Day We Made Miracle Part 2 {TH-SUB} View. Don't forget to watch the other update series. truly underrated drama... Heechoo74 May 04 2020 3:20 pm Unless they make the banker SHC really die too. Chano May 09 2018 8:44 am Looking forward to my boy Kai and the rest of the cast <3. And wow, Joseph Lee, he's so cool :-) I gave all thumbs up to this! 2.9K likes. Directed by: Lee Hyung-min. I just realized that it has only 16 episodes. I started watching this drama for EXO's Kai but then saw that Kim Myungmin was in the drama and I kn... ew that the whole show would be a hit. More power to Hyun-Cheol and Hye-Jin who deserve happiness!!! Also, I've learned to always expect a tearful ending in K-dramas: this way, I never get disappointed. This drama was epic in calibre ... extra special. Health Matters S1 一切由慎开始 S1. I’ve been searching for a whole day but found nothing:(. Amazing plot! Miracle That We Met Seorang pria meninggal dalam kecelakaan mobil, tapi kemudian ia terbangun di dalam tubuh orang lain. ?..such a great of the best..hope everything will work out best for both wives and families..writernim im counting on you..I know you wont let us down..fighting. Mooredonald81. Tap Apr 18 2018 8:11 am The Reapers acknowledge their mistake to a higher power and get permission to create an unprecedented time reversal. Greta May 16 2018 10:54 am Maybe. Congratulations! Michi May 16 2018 11:59 pm I think that song kangho and song jisoo were switched during birth.. idont know but i feel like that is one of the many twist that will happen. Dia menjadi kepala dua family dan menderita atas dua istrinya yang berbeda The Miracle We Met Subtitle Indonesia Judul Drama … I don't know how was possible to be accepted this script to be produced. Broadcast period: 2018-April-02 to 2018-May-29. Also Hye Jin is a really good and nice person, she's very beautiful too. Genre: Drama Korea. anyone know who is the cast of Song Hyun Chul when he was young??? I really really upset if hyung cheol B return to his family, it's fair for hyejin, im so upset viewing this drama, but I really really like this, bcz the plot is unordinary... Good job for the writer ? fiona Nov 22 2018 11:41 am Much like CBA, I am not totally sure about our lead actor-Anthony in King of Dramas may haunt me seeing him and much like Rain, I haven't loved him entirely in acting roles, but hopefully it will be his best. ??? 12 episodes. I really hope the remaining 2 episodes does a miracle by giving the two women and their family a happy ending. Whyyyyy? “The Miracle We Met” is a great drama; despite this, it comes with some (minor) writing inconsistencies and a few potholes which can be easily overlooked given the weight of the drama: 1. Chinese Title: 我們遇見的奇蹟. I will be rooting for this drama because of the two women!! If someone could give me the name of song that fat Song Hyun Chul loves so much I would be very happy. Ella Jun 02 2018 11:41 am Finally!!!! I know she was ready to let go of him, but it didn't seem fair for her & Ji Soo at all. I really love this drama, hope it will end happily for both family. W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); Same for Lee Do Kyung-I have always hated his roles and cannot imagine him as a sweet loving spouse when he is so good at being so vile! Download Miracle That We Met Episode 18, Watch Miracle That We Met Episode 18, don't forget to click on the like and share button. Ming May 09 2018 5:23 pm The drama makes me think that the young lady will always be the main spotlight, Hye Jin realizes that Hyun Chul is her husband Yeon-Hwa, just because Hyun Chul is being nice, he takes Hyun CHul ​​B from Yeon-Hwa? I was so excited and cannot wait to watch the series, especially because I love Ra Miran and Ko Changseok not to mention that KBS World continues to broadcast the series' behind the scenes. I do hope they get their deserving awards. in fact her husband has died. “The Miracle We Met” is an 18 episode Korean fantasy melodrama. Btw I'm so confused what will happen ... it is unfair for miran but it is also unfair with hyunjoo. Ato chercha à remettre les choses au point. The fact that viewers have to support between Banker's family and Chef's family is too difficult for a normal mind to comprehend. Download The Miracle We Met Sub Indo – Seorang lelaki biasa telah meninggal dalam tabrakan mobil, arwahnya terbangun di dalam lelaki lain dengan nama dan umur yang sama, tetapi mempunyai latar belakang yang paling berbeda. 7-Day Free Trial. And though I feel sorry for Yeonhwa, I’m shipping Hyunchul & Hyejin so bad :((( Title: 우리가 만난 기적 / The Miracle We Met Chinese Title: 我們遇見的奇蹟 Also known as: Miracle that We Met Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Melodrama Episodes: 18 Broadcast network: KBS2 Broadcast period: 2018-April-02 to 2018-May-29 Air time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00. Even though this drama adopts fantasy as a theme on the first few episodes, it slowly developed into Romance-Comedy, while still maintaining a slightly dark tone for the remaining episodes. Kim Jongin saranghae. Thank goodness we don't have to see Song Hyun-chul pick a single household as his permanent residence and leave the other one. Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Melodrama. 47 Min. Nice ending ever...both fmly are happy..nice drama..good job.. vera Jun 03 2018 10:29 am Rin Apr 25 2018 9:10 pm I think the writer finally has realised what stupid story has written, and now she/he is trying to repair it somehow but I think is too late because till now were waved in front of our eyes more the negative aspects of the humans, especially from HC(B)'s family part: adultery, human's ignorance and stupidity, selfishness, evilness, aggressivity, lack of tact, duplicity, opportunism. updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); Urban Zakapa - I Don't Love You, Jin Ae Jul 10 2018 7:57 am My prediction Song Hyun-cheol will die and both HyeJin/Jo Yeon-Hwa will become friends. Release: 2 Apr 2018. I must commend all the actors in this drama especially Ra Mi Ran who happens to be my favourite for giving their 100% to their various roles.The writer too deserves praise for the way this story was ended. So is there 18 eps or 20. That would be so messed up. Let's go with LadyG's ending. Too bad, looked like a fun drama. Ko Chang Seok family happy ending. Hyun Chul B adalah pria yang bernama dan bertanggal lahir sama dengan Hyun Chul A. Suatu hari saat malaikat mau mencabut nyawa Hyun Chul A tiba-tiba malaikat itu ceroboh dan mencabut nyawa Hyun Chul B. Karena kejadian ini arwah Hyun Chul … Hippyhippy Feb 25 2018 6:06 pm 1:49. Amazingly strong casts!!!!!! Report. Drama_Kiss. ASAP Nov 10 2019 9:19 am Kiss Korean Drama - Like We Just Met lyrics. Although it hasn't even started yet, "The Miracle We Met" look like THE drama to watch this season, judging by the intriguing summary, by the professional trailers and by the experience of the main leads. The first time in my life watching k drama and i don't want to be end this faster. I knew "The Miracle We Met" would be the best drama this season, and the 2 eps. Seriously, I don't understand how Song Hyun-Cheol B can fall out of love with his wife Yeon-Hwa. It just doesn't work any more. Lauren Apr 23 2018 2:57 pm ?..and P.S If ever the Hyun Chul B ends up with Hye Jin hope Yeon Hwa ends up with the rugged-smart detective??? Sunny Jan 05 2019 11:02 am I’d say its the best 2018 release. He is amazing and he looks very handsome as always. Yonezukenshiwife Nov 05 2018 11:54 am She's such an amazing actress. Daebak!!! What will happen in the final 2 eps.? Next week will already be the last. Who had the idea with a scenario like this? [CDATA[ Can they pls explain "broadcaster's circumstance"? Omg this will be a hit. I am looking forward for this drama. Jab we met - yeh ishq hai sub español. The Miracle We Met is seriously one of the best I EVER watched! Song Hyun Cheul (Kim Myung Min) est un crack de l'industrie de la finance. Synopsis Miracle That We Met. The way the drama is heading in terms of SHC’s new found love - it’s actually adultery in disguise! I have a habit, when i watched something and really got my sense i would just dream about it, and happen to this drama also. Everything in this drama is perfect. Last Air Date:22 May 2018. The plot is really interesting and the actors/actresses are really good. Miracle That We Met – Seorang pria biasa meninggal dalam kecelakaan mobil, tetapi rohnya terbangun di dalam pria lain dengan nama dan usia yang sama tetapi latar belakang yang sama sekali berbeda. The writer surely has made a very great script. Overall, I love everything in this drama. i like hyunchul w hyejin but i am afraid writernim will make him die as ending, so to be fair nobody gets him. Yeon Hwa May 16 2018 12:57 pm @Sandra_oh. kai is back too!! Exo kai will join this drama ?????? Compare DIRECTV NOW, fuboTV, Hulu Live TV, PlayStation Vue, Philo, Sling TV, Xfinity Instant TV, & YouTube TV to find the best service to watch The Miracle We Met online. A man dies in a car crash, but awakes with his spirit in another person. This drama deserves more credit it was heart warming and heart breaking at the same time. I understand your sentiments but remember, part of SHC A is still in his body. I'm at ep. Of course the three main leads are absolutely incredible. Grania May 17 2018 11:53 am Excited about it. Thx:). I loved it since the first episode till the end. //]]>. Loved Kim HyunJoo's natural acting. Watch The Miracle We Met episode 8 engsub, The Miracle We Met ep 8 full hd, download The Miracle We Met ep 8, watch online free The Miracle We Met ep 8 in dramafire, dramacool, kissasian, myasiantv, hdfree, dramanice, dramatv, youtube, The Miracle We Met ep 8 eng sub, The Miracle We Met episode 8 english subtitles, watch The Miracle We Met ep 8 eng sub Vali Jul 05 2018 4:24 am Unlike kL, I stopped watching after episode 2 or 3 because I didn't like the way Hyunchul wanted to go back to his old family. Northern Girl Apr 02 2018 1:04 pm I ship Song Hyunchul banker and Hye Jin but the ending was perfect and satisfying tho! I hope yeonhwa is givin up and having relationship with the detective. The Miracle We Met. Can anyone pls tell me what ringtone Song hyun chul’s used in a the drama? Zoe Jul 08 2018 9:04 pm Hoe kun je groeien met een klein YouTube kanaal met weinig subs en weinig views 2018 . Overall, I'm very satisfied with the ending, even with Ato and the other deity's dancing scene that came out of nowhere. Rifa May 10 2018 12:04 pm Rini Sep 04 2018 8:46 am Yes HJ is “more pretty “, and people tend to want to match the leads because of their looks but that is darn superficial. want to end the story hye jin anf hyun cheol happy together. tenouttaten Apr 26 2018 12:59 pm I can’t wait, kimhyunjoo_sharifah Jan 22 2018 11:57 pm loving Kai in this drama even if his role has short screen time, Byb Apr 07 2018 7:56 am 3:20. I ship them :p and hyunchul would be broken heart and live with hyejin. KDRAMA I LOVE once again. Your so freaking beutiful and such an amazing actress!! Ne Castaneda Mar 12 2018 7:07 pm Nobody talks about kim myung min great acting to play 3 roles in 1 drama SHC A,B & C ? Everything is just GREAT! Simi Apr 21 2018 2:12 pm Tap Apr 17 2018 8:09 am I can't even believe that kai was in this drama. //, //, < kamu dari berbagai kategori, genre, ataupun rilis.